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About Us

Meaning of Noesis

Our company name, Noesis, originates from the ancient Greek "νόησις" (noēsis), which represents a deep, intuitive understanding. It's a term deeply rooted in the pursuit of profound knowledge and clear comprehension, primarily through intellectual and rational means. This word, with its beauty and significance, resonates deeply with us as a company committed to understanding and interpreting the world.


At Noesis, we aim to transcend traditional translation to foster genuine connections across languages and cultures. Our expertise lies not just in translating words, but in bridging worlds, understanding nuances, and respecting the intricate ties between language and culture. 

Our Story

Our Message

In an ever-changing world, where misinformation and misunderstandings frequently occur, we made it our mission to find real solutions to such problems. Real progress is built on clear communication, mutual understanding, and the need for self-improvement. Embracing these core values, we are committed to serving businesses and organizations, enabling them to build essential bridges of understanding - one translation at a time.

Carlos Rodriguez

CEO & Founder


Currently, our primary focus is on delivering unrivaled translation and interpretation services. While also researching and developing an AI system that will enhance our capabilities and the quality of our services. We envision a  future where advanced language technology is an accessible tool that assists everyday communication and fosters global understanding. 

We're committed to creating a more connected world through enhanced communication. With a steadfast  commitment to quality, privacy, and innovation we're bridging cultural and linguistic divides, one translation at a time.

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Company Information

Company Name:
Noesis Japan Co.



United States:
PO Box 561225
Rockledge FL, 32956

Level 9 Edobori Center Bldg.
2-1-1 Edobori, Nishi ward Osaka 550-0002


May 2023


Carlos Rodriguez

Business Description:
Translation, Interpretation, Localization, Subtitling, Dubbing, Narration, Multilingual DTP, Language Education, Dispatch of Multilingual Personnel, International Business Support, AI Research


+81 80 7559 5601


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